Another red pill coach exposed

These are the men who fatherless boys are turning to for life advice? Frauds

I’m not quite sure of what to make of Fresh and Fit.

On one hand they have a very entertaining podcast, they bring cool guests (e.g Robert Kiyosaki this morning), and dispense some red pill truths (Myron).

On the other hand they are fraudsters taking advantage of dumb young men with their bullshiett courses etc. Also, I don’t think they practice what they preach on the podcast. Fresh has already been exposed in this mess. Myron also has a profile on those sugar daddy sites which means he pays for box.

who are those?

Thought ni wewe kodiaga na karoga…hata nimeboeka:D:D:D

Some red pill coaches who have all the knowledge in the world about how you should get women to fall in love with you, yet they just pay for p*ssy

The real red pill is that 80% of attraction is physical, the rest of the hocus-pocus red pillers talk about is just 20% of the equation. And another thing I’ve noticed is that if there is a clear gap in physical attractiveness between the two people in a couple, the less attractive person atachizi somehow. That is what has happened to Fresh here

Lmaaaaaooooo been knew these two clowns were frauds just like their Nyahururu shagzmodoz @Azor Ahai


Everyone with a brain knew that. FYI that post you have quoted was about growing a channel, not about the moral code of the hosts. Ghasia