Another Reason not to buy Chinese Phones

Kule vishnu land a Redmi Chinese phone explodes killing a woman family demands Compensation from Redmi india.

Its an accident,…We are using Chinese phone na bado tuko uhai…You can fart loudly upasuke mkundu ufe what am trying to say, siku yako ikifika,imefika


Galaxy s7 used to explode, no one said boycott samsung

Reason, India has hot temperatures. All in all I hate Xiaomi, Oppo ZTE and now OnePlus

Sometimes back I watched movie where a certain terrorist used mobile phones as bombs. He would call you and if you picked, he would activate a certain code which made your phone to explode killing you instantly.

Sasa wewe… are you believing that shit

Indian propaganda

Niko nayo adi leo.

You’re retarded my fren… :D:D:D

Hiyo ni THINEMA gani wagwitū?

Law Abiding Citizen

I can’t remember the name but I will tell you when I do

That’s the name?

Ni Note 7

Four of my friends have switched to Redmi. Kwani iko na nini?

shifo unanikumbusha siku za 3310 ulikua ukiambiwa usipick call ya number ya red ikikupigia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
saa hizo simu ni monochrome bana :D:D:D:D:D eti unaona caller ID number iko in red ukipick utakufa :D:D:D:D

Chifu punguza mihadarati

Ilikuwa circa 2010…:smiley: najiskianga kondoo nikipatana na family members wengine nilipigia urgently kuwainform hii risto walai :smiley:

Hehehe. I recall that hoax. Made us to fear so much