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I regret taking the COVID 19 Pfizer vaccine. They made me take two jabs of that poison. Ever since then, I’ve been having heart palpitations.



Pole sana msito, hizo takataka sikudungwa, sadly my parents walidungwa and it was my father directing everyone one else . I brainwashed my mother properly asidunge but Mzee akampeleka. I said shauri yao , my wife also alidungwa coz she was handling those cases at kitui general hospital. Anyway I wish the best for them and those who accepted to be poisoned. My mafia brothers never took that poison

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My old man passed away from a heart attack(blood clot in the cardiovascular veins) yet he was healthy all along. I don’t want to suspect anything but I personally feel the vaccines have a part in it. I am the only person in my family who never received those jabs and I didn’t want to raise that point after his death.


I still remember that scene in the forest where everyone felt paranoid after the Predator started hunting the soldiers.


Take asprin once daily alternately to prevent clots.Karibu nisonge kwa baba coz of that pfizer shit.

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Pole shifo. Nilidungwa sindano na nka walinidunga distilled water.

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Pray that those things don’t affect your body

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Have you put your affairs in order ?
Maximum you have to live is 10 years
Many many other fools that took the covid poison have already gone and more continue to go everyday.

Having heart palpitations is a sure sing on impending departure.

May your soul rest in peace (in advence)

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didnt take that poison. and swore never to take it. i remember kulikuwa mpaka na ile service ya door to door. waliknock kwangu mara kama kumi wakachoka wakaenda. nilikuwa tu nimetulia kejani nikicheki movie. waliitana lakini wapi.

I found it very suspicious how the shots were being distributed kama bangi ya pedi. Any other illness and you have to go to hospital lakinii hii?

Who would you even blame if things go wrong? You got jabbed by some fishy guy at a corner. How’s that different from how peddlers operate

Am glad am okay. My greatest fear was that maybe there is a way the jab interacts with the human DNA

The secret is taking HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors aka statins. You’re not the only one experiencing palpitations after the jab and/or covid infection. Others will say you should take Aspirin but aspirin doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem, which is the dysregulation of lipid metabolism.

In my experience, in addition to a daily, low-dose aspirin, you must get your cholesterol levels checked or prophylactically start taking Atorvastatin 20mg tablet daily every bedtime. Statins are very safe. I assure you, your heart will start beating like a brand new baby’s. Palpitations- all gone.“What%20we%20found%20was%20a,good%20cholesterol%2C”%20he%20says.

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Don’t vaccinate your children once they’re born by the way. Izo vaccines mbaya saidi