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I pity the innocent kids who pay dearly for having retarded parents. (Assuming all kids are hers)


Despite the mistakes of the parents in failing to practice family planning, it’s still inhumane to kick out a family in this period of Corona

Before a landlord kicks you out, anakuwanga amefika mwisho. Huyu hakosi arrears za miezi kadhaa. The landlord has financial responsibilities too and mouths to feed.
Kuzaa kama panya halafu unafungiwa nyumba ni msiba wa kujitakia.

You are sick idiot to laugh at the misfortunes of your fellow negro just because you earn 40k per month
What if the breadwinner died? Hii ujuaji yako wewe !

Why not , first interrogate their situation ?, are you trying to insinuate that, only people in the shanties get kicked out of their houses because of rent arrears ?

Very true. People in the middro class who earn a regular small salary think lowly of other people until they find themselves in dire situations and this reminds them of their place in life.

Mwambie Hata JKL is being auctioned later this month…!

Typical of someone in the middle-class to turn their nose up and laugh at people going through financial difficulties. My fren sometimes life blindsides you and hits you with some massive curveballs. A breadwinner might die, lose their job, or get a terminal illness and get drained by medical bills, among other unforeseen misfortunes. Yourself you might be one medical emergency away from facing the same predicament. If you don’t know that by now then I don’t know which world you live in man.

Never laugh at another person’s predicament. You have no idea what he’s going through. Tomorrow it maybe you going through a worse situation. Would you want people to laugh at you

Usiwahi chekelea watu ndugu. You are just one medical emergency away from this kind of misery

You talk more than you think.

Huyo jamaa inakaa alichukua loan wazimu akakula na ma slay king aki enda ma country music events za sir elvis.ghafla bin huu,aka realize only 50k imebakia.Sasa nyumba za kitisuru zinaenda tu ivo.

Brownskin let me teach you something son.
You can not know shiet until you ask! Thou shalt not judge!
Tell me something? Huyo landlord analipa KRA? I might not know but probably not! Therefore he has no moral authority to kick them out hata kama huyo mama ni sumbua.
This is the lowest you have sank kijana.

No prosperity or poverty is permanent. Ubarikiwe.

@Azor Ahai

No one chooses to remain poor…with or without kids…lakini kuzaa kama panya na especially na wanaume tofauti that’s a personal choice

Is there anyone with a verified mpesa number for that family? I’m a mother and can’t stand to see this, how can the public help?

Leta hekaya kiongosi

medical emergency is too far…mshande ya April uko sure iko kwa pipeline?

Siwezi hurumia mtu anazaa kama panya akiwa msoto. Being broke is okay. Having 7 kids when broke is stupidity. I mean exactly what I say without apologies. That’s why I included a caveat “kama watoto wote ni wake”. Sasa mjinyonge. I pity the innocent kids, not the bonobo who got them there.

I am not the type of guy who says sweet nothings to desperate people. I say it as it is. Kama hao watoto wote ni wake, she deserves no mercy. If I saw them I would feed the kids and leave the woman to handle her stupidity.

You can’t control when or why you will go broke. But you can control how many children you get when broke.