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Renowned city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, is soon set to reveal another Sh 30 billion scandal that was cooked by the Jubilee Government, the Judiciary and Safaricom Company Limited.

Terming it as ‘Safaricomgate Scandal’, Abdullahi, who is the owner of Nairobi Law Monthly, says he will reveal how State House looted billions after awarding Safaricom Company a security tender to install cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa.

He said the scandal involved senior State House operatives, Court of Appeal judges and senior managers and board members at Safaricom.

The fearless lawyer who has since fallen out with his Jubilee colleagues said his article will expose the deep rot in our Judiciary, Legislature and Executive.

In November 2014, Safaricom Ltd won the Sh 30 billion 4 year deal that will see an establishment of a National Surveillance, Communication and Control System for Nairobi and Mombasa.

The project was also supposed to install surveillance cameras in the two cities to provide real-time footage to the National Police Operations Command Centre.

But so far nothing has been done and the cameras are not working – The project is now like a white elephant siphoning taxpayers’ money.

Ahmednasir said that he will publish full details of ‘Safaricomgate Scandal’ in Nairobi Law Monthly’s March edition.

Here is the screenshot of the paper headline.[ATTACH=full]32370[/ATTACH]

He he. I remember @shocks saying how close safcom and our good government are.

Something drastic ought to happen, or else, future generations will inherit nothing.

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30 billion to install those crap surveillance cameras. Hehehehe

Following. For an acquaintance!

@ pamba kuja hapa utueleze if this is true, that the system is not working. Kuna time nilikuwa naongea na my buddies tukaulizana kama kuna mtu amewai ona any of those cameras that are able to rotate do that, no one had.
On the flip side, nimeona cops on the streets are now strutting around with those digital radios, zile zina screen

that’s true, they know how to keep gova close. Vile safcom have a big CV to protect, hapa kama Ahmednassir ana fanya guess work his ass will surely get sued

its hard to know whether its ths govt that is looting more than previous govts or its because our society hs grown more open and the freedom of the media is at an all time high

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Safari com did not “win” this tender…it was single sourced to safari com after the previous tendering process got mired in court cases and allegations of graft, back hand deals etc etc and thus it was cancelled. Safaricom was to be given a 4G licence free as part of this deal…Safaricom outsourced the implementation to Huaweii…but let me not blow your bubble wacha tungojee hio story ya mullah…I read the first part dealing on anti competitive behavior of safcom which was nice

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Don’t be the proverbial ostrich that buried it’s head in the sand…

whiners whiners whiners everywhere.
go steal something… it is the swag.
@webdev come and dont see.
peasants everywhere doing what they do best

it was single-sourced at a cost of 14b all paid by safcom to be paid pole pole by govt
there was no corruption there
safcom used their cash, and in the process govt gave them a 4G license. nothing wrong with that.
grandmullah is fishing for his 30 seconds of fame

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or it’s been decided Safaricom should not provide IEBC with the network to report election results in 2017

2017 will be rigged in a new way
let’s just wait and see

30 billion ni mob. That is not even stealing. It is vandalising the country.
This guy is joking. These types of things you talk when you decide to talk. Sio kusema ati March. uongee ama ukule dengu au unga.
By the way if some of these folks didnt come out with affidavits they would be in mortuary right now having been promptly dispatched to buy silence. Siri zingine si za kutembea azo ati unaogopa jela. Unasema kabla ukuwe silenced.

I’m sure Ahmednassir atapiga dunia teke in a mysterious way

Have seen quite a number of those rotating camera do so, also what of those flashes when you pass by them at night?

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at least, ya flashes nimeona lang’ata road

What is the purpose of those flashes? If I may ask.

Following … I also wanna know

the flashes take your photo. it captures your number plate.

if the flashes annoy you, as you approach them:

  1. lower your visor temporarily like you would when the sun is in your eyes
  2. switch off your headlights and they won’t flash (they will if the car next to you has its lights on, night only)

thanks mes laters.

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