Another one falls in uganda


Who does he have beef with?

"Afande Muhammad Kirumira had resigned from the Uganda police force in January this year after he was accused of indiscipline. He was a tough critic of Kale Kayihura, the former police boss.

He had said he was living in fear because of the death threats he had received."

A shithole country. Its time they did away with museveni

fuck yani unaresign alafu unakula copper …M7 ni meffi sana

This issue has to do with Rwandese fugitives living in Uganda. Kayihura, being a top cop was organizing for refugees to be deported back to Kigali for genocide and political related issues. Some have lived in Uganda for ages undisturbed until Kayihura came in the pic. Kayihura was fired. Hii story ni kama ile ya Mosaad na Nazi hunters.

Uganda is becoming a real state-gangland, i have a feeling Museveni will go in a messy and noisy way.
You start eliminating men in the armed forces, they will all feel threatened and do away with you.

The way things are happening in Uganda something will have to give way very soon.
Museveni must have read enough history to know there’s so much a population can take and when they start revolting there’s no turning back till the change and freedom they yearn for has been attained.

Jamaa angehama, security forces in that country are full of shit. But I think such killings will continue because it seems M7 and his henchmen are paranoid.

Very insecure

He knew that he was marked for death

The current status of Uganda

Kumira kumira ameangushwa

yani M7 doesnt even let the dust on bobi wine settle, ako tu “KIRRIM”

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Too bad African Governments don’t this kind of bravery.

:D:D:D people should learn how to deal with dictators, they only way to kick a dictator out is to make him secure and let him know nobody will be after him once he leaves office. Moi would never have considered leaving that seat if he felt threatened, but he knew kibaki was not that kind of a person. The other option is for all citizen to kick him out, which is only possible in a homogenous society.

Wueeh! Hii ndio inaitwa courage.

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This guy was fearless.