Another one down

Pambazuka National Lottery has suspended its operations in Kenya saying the new tax takes it total cost of operations to 115 per cent.

"Operating any lottery under this framework is not possible and therefore business operations are forced to close,"the company said in a statement on Sunday.

The company noted that the effect of the 35 per cent tax on all tickets sales has made them to cease operations until a “sustainable regulatory framework” is in place.

“All prize claims after yesterday’s draw will be paid out to winners directly or from the company offices on April 7th 2018,” it added.

This came after Kenyan sports gambling firm Sportpesa withdrew all their local sponsorship commitments over the proposed tax of 35%.

Asante sana. Can the rest follow suit. Kenya will not lose anything if gambling stops. The house always wins and people lose. They don’t produce anything of value. Let’s increase it to 90% Tax like Germany.


Umewahi skia rafiki wa rafiki wa rafiki yako akisema rafiki yake mmoja aliwahi shinda hii kitu inaitwa Pambazuka?


:D:D:D:Dhata wale watu wanaonyeshangwa kwa TV sundays 7:30 sijai waona ama kuskia mtu anawajua


Ata rafiki wakucheza hakuna rafiki ako na rafiki anajua rafiki wa kucheza hio kitu


PNL si ni sportmbesha?


Is it not the same that was launched by “Kamwana”? When the “prezzo” is ndirangu he does unimaginable theatrics. :D:D:D


Watarudi tu.

Kenya is a democracy and the should decide for themselves when to lose and how to lose

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Same with Lotto.
I tend to think they pay off random people to pose with those dummy checks.


Kabisa that’s why they law was drafted by Parliament as peoples assembly, the betting firm participated and law passed at 50%. However it was reduced at 35%. Some firms agreed, others didn’t and went to high court. Court ruled against them and they are free to appeal. Meanwhile let them pay up or close shop.

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Kazi ya Betting Licensing and Control Board ni gani?

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Hii pia ni sawa.

Where did you get 90% from?

Quite true saw one old man, the dudes around him posing as his sons were strangers, his only son is a village drunk.


Ni Ku bet, Ku licence and Ku control.


On top of suggesting and enforcing legislation in the industry, one duty is validating the logic in the games for example the slot machines. The programmable chips decide the odds of winning. The house can heavily tilt the odds in their favor if not checked. The chips(or machines) are supposed to give the gambler a realistic chance of winning a bet against the house based on his skill and technique.

That’s a serious social and ethical issue…inafaa lawyer mmoja hapa achangamke awapeleke court apate out of court settlement mbio mbio.

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hapa umesema ukweli kapsaaa