Another one bites the dust

@Finest wine our ladies are bewitched.

[SIZE=4]wakirusha , tunarusha ![/SIZE]


I watched this one a while back. Hatuwezi saidika…aliachwa bila anything. The animal had refused to pay her hospital bill but ile iliniuma sana is the fact that her niece who was working at the man’s hardware was among the staff that beat her up.

I hope watu wa metha ya Kagoni came thru for her so that she starts again.

Good thing with Kenyans is how much they are willing to help others. Btw I am waiting for a court date for the people who killed Jeff I also go to show solidarity to the mom on that day. Hio kesi imeniuma sana. Team strong of gulf and other Kenyans will pay for the legal fee of mama jeff. Great things happen when Kenyans come together. The solidarity has been amazing, even mama jeff nowadays looks like she is healing. That kid was so innocent among a pack of wolves starting with that his business partner Mutanu who pimped him out. The rot in our society nowadays is alarming. We are on the way to getting justice for Jeff. Then we can move to Brenda coz DCI only work under pressure. Lives can not be taken so lightly yet parents are struggling to educate kids then they are killed in the prime of their lives.

The world is watching the Jeff case. It looks like very big wigged people were in the mix. Ndiyo maana inajivuruta hivi…

DJ Fatxo will know how serious this is very soon even if he’s connected to Biden.



Purple anaingilia wapi in this story bro? We are talking about justice for Jeff kindly. And why do you stalk people who have moved on with their lives huna kazi ya kufanya ama unataka akuoe akupeleke America? Focus on the matter at hand. Justice for Jeff. And we are waiting for Baba meeting this afternoon. Tujue direction ni gani. Aki Sema left, tunaenda left. Etc

Why go back to exes are men or women finished on earth. Hii mambo ya kurudia may exes is a sign of mental illness. A chimpanzee dumps you for a junguu woman after she takes all his money and dumps him, he goes back to his black exe. My pride can not allow me to do this bcz of money even. Yaani wewe ndio after thought akishapigwa character development anarudi kwako ama?

One thing I never understood about @Purple is why she had such a low self esteem. With her dark complexion she could have been married to a well to do junguu coz they love that color and the darker skin hues like Alek Wek. But she just hooked up with a jobless guy from Kenya, moved him into her home, paid her own dowry and wedding. Why? My cuzo who is married to an amazing junguu doesn’t even work coz the man provides everything. I don’t understand black women. Me at my ripe old age, I can’t move a man into my house, I don’t care who you are. Kwani why do black women not love themselves? How many women in Kenya would kill their grandparents to have a chance to be abroad where most men are white, you, you have been there for decades and you are still importing broke men from Kenya? Low self esteem is real in black women. Yaani you leave good wealthy white guys Unaenda kujitupa na chimpanzees who have nothing but a paper/degree that means nothing in America. Ata enda tuu kuosha viombo. Its the same demonic spirit black American women have of wanting to be the provider and the head of the family with a puppet huswife. To the extent that you enter pyramid schemes bcz you are the provider. I hope hukua umeinvest kwa hio get rich quick scheme that made her leave the forum. Mbona black women hawajipendi? Give other Kenyan women 1 year in a white majority place uone if they will ever look back at Vumbistan. Hio spirit ya kurudi nyuma is bad. Nyway I guess scarcity mentality in the African American community ilimwingia. Yaani uwache wazungu urudie chimpanzees? No

Kam kuickly hii nayo aje??? make sure you listen…

Kenya kuna mambo. What?

Actually kujia pia huyu mjinga…

I have officially given up on our women financing men:mad: Kenyans are calling this broke Philipino a mzungu:mad::mad::mad:

Dee Mwango and the bro are probably just clout chasing with this their endless relationship dramas. Have you read the story of the Kenyan American citizen who came home and molested his 6 yo daughter? After investigations it appears that he had attempted to do the same in America to mtoto wa singo mother, his step daughter around the same age. He’s 54. As usual with Kenyan cops they released him, he probably returned to America.

No…nitumie link. We need to be aware of these shenanigans now that the world is one global village tunasambaza kapsa…