Another one bites the dust.

Is it in our nature or genes to be violent? Sasa ona huyu ako on a brink of losing his career over some small small issues. Ukiwa any “developed” countries, tafadhali tafadhali, women, children, animals, marginalized groups such as LGBT and trans and disabled people are a no go zone. Especially if you are a Black negro. Your downfall can happen before you even finish blinking. Heri hata uende upigane na some white boy but the above categories usiguze if you want some peace of mind. Believe what you want and be “conservative” as much as you want but remember to pay attention to the sacred cows above.


Hii ni upuzi, hawa SJWs wakitaka kukumalisa watatafuta any excuse. Ata footage yako ukikunywa maji they’ll find a way to make it sound offensive.

It looks like one of those exotic breeds as well. I believe they are called Bengals. Animal rights groups must have raised a storm.

Shenzi kabisa. Umbwa ikinibwekea napiga fimbo inakufa

Wazungi ni shetani mbwa takataka za watu.

Kila siku wana genocide watu na ukipiga paka teke wanaaza kulia. FVCKING Cunts.

Wazungu waache ujinga. @uwesmake is on record decapitating a cat wakiwa na uncle yake. Mimi zile nimefunga kwa gunia na kutupa msituni hazihesabiki.

Yes, Bonobos are used to beating animals. Grandchildren of hunters.

EISH!!! nani ame hack account yako? :D:D

Go slow aki :smiley:

That’s barely a “kick,” he just shooed it away

Idiots. They know how the ground is where they moved but still want to continue their primitivism

i agree and in africa normally paka si yenyu is an enemy mawe huifuata.

buuuuuuttttttttttttt from the video i agree Zuma is extreemly violent ON HIS OWN FAMILY PET, WHY HAVE THE PET IN THE HOUSE KAMA NI VITA UNAENDA KUIKULA. Hapo i dont agree , Zuma amepiga paka mangumu kama fifty .

Have you considered that it could have stolen his roasted duck ama imechomoka na his fried gizzards? Worse, imespill Glenfiddich kwa PlayStation.


Ama ime poopoo kwa duvet, or leather recliner.