Another murder: Man stabs his wife 18 times in

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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his girlfriend from pictures been going to FIVE star hotels to check the bosses and meetings after office

Ouna the mongrel… deserves to be pumped full of bullets. RIP in advance.

Two lives lost needlessly. One going to the ground to rest, the other to lead a pointless life in prison or edging towards their own death verrfast!

I watched scream iv and if that is the kind of violence holihood is disseminating around the globe ,it’s gonna be bloody, I found myself laughing at the merciless finishing of victims kwa hio mouvy

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I’m loving this quote more everyday “she was never yours it was just your turn” in a country like Kenya where women outnumber men such men are filthy bottom barrel swines

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This Arsenal fan should learn to walk away if it ain’t working, Sasa yeye nachungulia kaburi na watoto ndio watateseka

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Huyu ghasia ameangusha the Gooners vibaya. We denounce him wholly and hand him to Man Shitty


Saigon punisher a concentrate na armed robbery,hapo angetuwekea mashtaka ya njaruo Ouma ya wizi si crime of passion akiuwa Malaya wake .

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Jamaa ashageuziwa kuwa jambazi sugu hatari…for him to stab the wife 18 times shows how much trauma he had undergone kwa planteshen.