Another man sodomised and killed in Kiambu

We kept telling you chimpanzees to stop raping women, stop raping grandmothers, stop raping animals and children, now you are raping one another. Kudos. Feminazi always on your neck about your uncontrolled sexual appetites, objectification of women etc. Now that you are done with everything else, you become closet homosexuals and then you start raping those who are unwilling to sleep with you. Now you know how women feel when they are thrown off buildings for declining sexual advances, Juzi a boda guy’s entire lip was bitten off by a customer who wanted to sodomise him. This is the kind of fury and hate women get for declining sexual advances. How does it feel to walk a mile in our shoes. Juzi I was picking a lady and she was afraid to go to the basement parking alone and it was during the day. So now imagine that it’s you the men who will be getting thrown off buildings, sodomised and killed? Your life will boil down to an orifice in your body. A man will see you and think of raping you and killing you just bcz he was sexually attracted to you. You won’t have a choice. You will just die bcz of sex. In the Bible this thing was common. In Sodom and Gomorrah and other towns where women had no rights. A man who visited your house was targeted for gang rape that night. Read the Bible then you will understand what is happening right now. Men have done all the wicked perversions now the only thing that gives them a thrill is sodomising and killing. Nyway all I can say is that you men need to take the precautions women take bcz you are now targeted. The bravado of mimi ni ndume there’s no body I fear will get you in trouble. Pole to the bereaved.

Seems like Kenya now needs its own 2nd Amendment. What I read out of this situation is that hao mashetani wa ushoga wanajaribu kucondition watu kufikiri hili ni kawaida kutendeka. When I was a child, we heard of these things whispered about certain secretive goings on in coastal towns. No one saw it as a big deal, because it was not in the public eye. Now the evil is out for all to see, and some brazen Satanists are telling Kenyans it is normal and they want the legal rights to show the world the celebration of their filth.
When you transgress blatantly against the beauty of God, by knowingly doing the unnatural, abusing your body and that of another human being, taking pleasure in desecrating creation, and mocking the very Spirit which gave you the breath of life from the time when you were a helpless nothing to now, you have crossed a line. It does not even matter whether the rapists and killers believe in God, He’s there, whether they accept it or not. Some boundaries which nature has put in place demonstrate this, and they must never be crossed. When you do, you have lost the essence of being a human being, and you rightly deserve to die.
This demonic campaign, and the dishonourable deaths must end, na si tafadhali.

Why do they force people who do not want to be gey?

It’s a demonic lifestyle, as you said it here:

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Human sacrifice to make them popular. My advice right now is not to be in a tall building with a dj unless you are tired of paying taxes.

The devil wants to triumph over good by desecrating what we know as natural and pure, and to fool people that all things are permitted to be done to people weaker than oneself. This is why foolish people also take so many liberties with their own bodies because they think the human body has no value, yet they have no idea how they got to own theirs. They have no respect even for themselves, and when you cannot respect yourself you cannot respect anything or anyone on earth.

In the Bible it says God gave them over to their lusts. The kinds of things happening nowadays make me sick.

Video of a photo?