Another man in your wife's poochie

In law, there’s the privity of contract principle. This recognises that persons (real & artificial) can be strangers to a contract. This denies them the privilege of suing, and getting sued for non-execution of the contract. There are exceptions.

The husband-wife relationship can be taken to be a contract. They undertake, inter alia, to be faithful to each other. The vows are said by the man and the woman contemplating marriage. I have never heard of a congregation that took vows in a wedding.

In the same taste, style and fashion…

I find it ludicrous that whenever a man finds another feasting on his woman, he always targets his anger on the man. All this while the second man was not bound to enforce their marriage contract.

Watu wafuate parties to the contract si strangers


The law does not envisage the application of the doctrine of privity of contract to marriages. But I agree with your conclusion.

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Yesterday you posted a similar thread about how fuckin someones wife who is older than you (you are 40) can bring endless benefits
Today this
I can only conclude that you managed to eat a married granny and you are very excited about it. Infact you are falling inlove by the way you are trying to justify it
Also another thing, you are easy to be read


So the idiot is trying to justify why the husband should leave him alone if he’s caught in the act.
He deserves to have his balls yanked off, then be left to bleed slowly to death.

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Kila mtu akule kwao.

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