Another Kikuyu 'technocrat' for KRA

We all know the story. Since Kibaki took power, KRA’s Commissioner General’s position is a preserve for the Kikuyu, not GEMA. Now wait for a Kamau, Mburu, Njoroge or such to be named KRA boss after Njiraini’s tenure expires sometime next month (thanks to Okiya Omtata’s suit). There will obviously be a farcical interview of interested and qualified applicants to make the appointment seem like equal opportunity. They might even invite an Onyango to the party for good measure.
KRA should surprise the country by naming a Mwenda as boss, otherwise this repeat story is just damn boring.

Meanwhile let’s do it the Femi Kuti way and beng beng beng.

Core supporters have to be rewarded. It’s the practice globally. Busy yourself with something else

They have their own president and we are waiting for them to unveil their cabinet.

Who have? Mwenda ama?

It is as if NASA was looking for power so as to appoint Kiuks and Kales!

no let us do it the NASA way and appoint UK’s eldest brother who was recently rejected by the voters. wait… no such person exists. oh well

and their own tax collecting agency

You guys do realise that JAP is not a Kikuyu party? We have Kales, Merus, Embus et al in that party. I therefore fail to understand where this JAP-NASA argument is coming in.

… and their KRA boss

Who are ‘they’

mkisii utapewa kazi ya kuokota mafi kwa ofisi ya president baba .

We as GEMA and KALENJINS are ok if the Kikuyus appoint one of their own to each and very position left…

Those people who swore in fake Joshua as a fake president and the gullible hoodwinked masses that believed it meant something.

and their cabinet must reflect the face of Kenya.

Who appointed you GEMA spokesperson? As a Merian I can tell you that your views do not represent my views stupid fuck.

Iko shida mkikuyu akipewa appointment, kama watu wenu hawana watu qualified si shida yetu

Njiraini is not a kiuk you moron!he is a baite.

You are the moron. Your ignorance precedes you. Njiraini is a Kiuk from Kirinyaga County as was his predecessor. Keep masturbating instead of displaying your shallowness here, bitch!

as much you are rewarding core supporters you have to also consider others. if this keeps on going like this will be in deep shiet than that which we are in right now