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[SIZE=7]Man accused of groping actress in subway station arrested[/SIZE]
By Reuven Fenton, Daniel Prendergast and Linda Massarella
April 16, 2017 | 7:42am

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Cops escort Kimani Stephenson (left) who is accused of shoving Bonnie Currie (right) onto the subway tracks.G.N. Miller
The man accused of shoving a young actress onto the subway tracks after groping herin the West Village was arrested on charges of attempted murder early Sunday and taken to Bellevue Hospital, officials said.
Kimani Stephenson, 24, was arrested at 3 a.m., two days after the attack, after a neighbor from his Lower East Side housing project recognized his face from a surveillance photo and called in an anonymous tip, sources said.
[SIZE=5]Cops release footage of creep accused of groping actress[/SIZE]

Stephenson was initially scheduled to be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court after his arrest but was transported to the hospital, the court said. It was not immediately clear why he was hospitalized.
Police say Stephenson has five prior arrests, including a robbery in 2009 for which he was on parole.
Police say Stephenson approached Bonnie Currie, 22, as she waited for an F/M train at an East Village subway station early Friday and allegedly grabbed her crotch.
When she told him to “F–k off,” he reportedly pushed her onto the tracks.
“Physically I’m very beat up and sore,” Currie told The Post hours after the incident. “Mentally is harder to explain. I cried hysterically for many hours this morning in the ER.”
Currie, who grew up in Vermont, skipped town for a few days to relax in the country with relatives, her Washington Heights roommate and a co-worker said.
“She’s definitely coming back,” according to a man who said he works with her at the Hillstone Restaurant on Park Avenue.
“New York is her home.”

Tulisema in another thread that African Americans love African names. His surname tells you he is not Kenyan. We even gave the example of the famous Dr Kamau Kambon

He’s not Kenyan and with all these false 911 calls on black people by “scared white women”, I will treat this saga on equal and similar merits.

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It is a common name with Black Americans sio nyinyi pekee. Labda waliiba huku. Pale Espn kwa NFL na NBA na college sports utapata Kimani Jones, Kimani Jackson, Khimani… etc.

But why throw a fellow human on rail tracks juu amekukataa? Hio ni ujeuri ya aina gani?

hehe. mjamaa alipewa 27 years. wewe baki hapo with your liberal democratic doubts… Trump’s police are bad sijui nini. Full story there:

Alikunja dame kama kalaptop na akatupa juu ya rail tracks. Na train inakuja. Like Kuria Moses, ‘Hatakagi ujiga!’

Ameuma 27 years unnecessary years for first-degree assault and sex abuse. He was wearing red on the day in question.


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