Another Google's Smarphone Fuchsisa OS

It is no more a secret that Google is rigorously working on its new operating system called Fuchsia. Unlike Android, Fuchsia isn’t based on full Linux Kernel. Fuchsia OS is fully developed on Google’s on Flutter SDK for using its Apps and UI.

Regardless of the device we use, most of the Android users are always eager to upgrade their Smart phones with custom ROMs and different Xposed modules. But Fuchsia isn’t a ROM or a module; it is completely a different OS. How will you try that?

Most def

Mkubwa nimesahau pattern. Tuflash sio?

hard reset. google how to hard reset (phone make and model)

Haikubali hard reset inaonyesha tu sign ya Ku connect via USB cable

phone make gani

Redmi m4x