Another Foul Murder

When it Rains , It pours … :roll_eyes:

Someone posited that the man may have had consensual sexual relations with the girl mama akasema hapa kunaenda vibaya and did something.

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This is a Homicide in the process of being covered up … :rage:


Hio kileleshwa police station inakuanga active crime scene.Kuna karao ali cock gun kqa beste yangu akamwambia leo naku shoot.Umekua ukikula my wife.Naku shoot halafu ntasema wewe ni carjacker.He then cocked his g3 rifle twice.My fren had to run for dear life using the bypass and only stopped at the mall in westlands to catch his breathe in safe territory.Yet another day,its 11pm on saturday.Guys are drinking and eating and playing pool at the canteen.The noise was higher than normal being a Saturday.The cops quarters and the canteen are just adjacent to each other.A cop who might have been on patrol for 24hrs had enough of the bullshit.He put on a vest and wrapped a towel round his waist and took his pistol.He walked to the canteen entrance and fired three shots in the air in quick succession.When everyone was silent he shouted ‘sitashindwa kulala kwa sababu yenu!!!’ then he went back to his house.That place ni gangsters paradise,from the cops to the people who live with them to the neighbouring residents who mingle with the cops in the canteen.


Agwambo hii inakaa handwriting yako


umeamua kuchoma elder


Maybe he had log in issues. I experienced the same, had to create a new handle

Mi si Agwambo banae.Ntawaambia mara ngapi.Never met Agwambo,i dont even know him.Not here,not in a personal level.

Wueh! hiyo ni kali.

Agwash aliingiza uoga juzi when Raila spoke of not getting cut that ki-stuff. It made agwash rethink his position in this village, and rather take a back seat, observe first before jumping back in


No one here has met anyone

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Wewe ni Agwas umenitusi several times na exact Agwas sweeps :joy::joy:

Sweeps za circumcision zimefanya u abandon the @Agwambo handle