Another Dynasties political game

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau ( HNIB) reports that President Uhuru Kenyatta has allegedly - personally authorised the creation of another Political Party.

As a result of the blessings;

  1. Hon. Sabina Chege, the Nyeri Deputy Governor, and SIX others are mandated to form an ALL WOMEN’S Party.

  2. Hon. Mishra is to handle financing of the new venture.

  3. They will then be required to discredit #HustlerNation by picking Mama Mboga from markets and finance them against incumbent MCAs especially in Mt.Kenya and Rift Valley. They are supposed to make it real but manage it not to actually happen ( It is Politics)

  4. The group has a budget of Shs. 30m to buy an exisisting political Party

  5. The group has a meeting booked for them with the Registrar of Political Parties, to make it easy for them, it was to happen between Monday 14th June, 2021 and Wednesday 16th June, 2021

  6. Hon. Sabina Chege is the PROJECTED Chair of the proposed party.

  7. The Deputy Governor Nyeri, Hon. Caroline Karugu, is the projected Secretary General of the suggested outfit.

  8. Initial thinking is to structure the Party along the lines of the Green Party of Britain.

  9. The group has since booked an appointment with the embassy with a view of meeting the High Commissioner as part of the financiers of the Party that will be allegedly sold as a Grassroot Women Empowerment party.

  10. Nyeri Deputy Governor staff and Hon. Mishra handlers confirmed to our agents the development as captured.



Ruto is the Man… Anahangaisha Konyagi namna hiii… Anyway tútigútúra túmete Mundu thutha ta njaruo na tútirona matunda. Fuck konyagi

Sabina Chege is on the unpopular side wakiwa na Cate Waruguru and governor Waiguru.

Ati kii