Another "Disturbed White Youth" In Drumpf's America

No motive has been identified at this point, Manley said. Some observers noted that the suspect’s alleged actions could be race-related, since the first package bombs killed two black men and injured a Hispanic woman, but Manley earlier told the Associated Press that police were not “making the connection to a hate crime,” after doing so at first.

[SIZE=7][B]Mark Anthony Conditt[/B][/SIZE]

So far nobody had called him the T word which is what he is, no ifs ands or buts about it

How can he be a terrorist?? He’s true blue-blood, turbo-charged 'merican! He just had a nut loose, that’s all…

Who cares. I wanted him to keep killing so that we can get a nice serial killer mystery to solve.

He was good at what he was doing.
Such a waste of talent.