Another Crazy Decision From A Failed State: KCPE to be eliminated

[SIZE=7]KCPE to be eliminated, learners to proceed to secondary without exams[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]The move is to allow an easy transition to secondary school in line with the government’s 100 percent transition policy[/SIZE]
In Summary
• The proposal wants learners to proceed to secondary school without examinations.
• Primary schools also expected to host Junior secondary.

KICD director Julius Jwan was not reachable for comment. Calls to his phone were unanswered.

The proposal has already been sent to to the Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.

The new curriculum 2-6-6-3 will gradually phase out the old system 8-4-4 that lays more emphasis on examinations, ushering in a new dawn on teaching and learning.

Still, …I got the sweetest A- in ‘94

And it wasn’t easy folks

Exams are really not all that by the way. and that kind of education is getting outdated with the internet being a better university than some of those prestigious exclusive elitist institutions. They have no option.

hii iko tu sawa KCPE and 844 ni chieth ya @uwesmake

Those papers people value a lot are going to be useless in time. maybe not now, but the next generation is likely to have nothing like that. remember they havent always been there and have only been a big thing probably for about 70 years.

KCPE is a discriminatory tool. I once asked in this forum, what’s the purpose of subjecting 13 year’s old to a timed test, is it supposed to evaluate knowledge, intelligence or both ?

It is supposed to test the time efficiency of a worker. nothing to do with intelligence. intelligent people take time to come up with stuff.

KCPE only determines , who goes to a well funded government school, and who goes to an ill equipped school.

I proposed this to GoK. I’m glad to see forward movement.

When different teams are competing in athletics, they subject themselves to heats, then semis, then finals. It is the only fair way to choose which individuals to proceed to the next stage.

You can see I liked your post then. I fully support you.

The competency based curriculum (CBC) will be looking at the learner’s talents, creativity and competencies, rather than a shallow biased system where students are gauged according to their ability to cram knowledge and write it on a piece of paper after some few years. Immediately after junior secondary, learners will diversify to take on areas of study in line with their natural abilities. Hii mambo ya kila MTU kufanya literature ama chemistry itaishia sasa. Assessment will be at various stages as opposed to only 2 major exams(kcpe and kcse)

Life is not all about competition but it should be about discovering the natural talents and abilities in every individual, helping them to become competent in them and tapping of the same to create a useful member of the society. If @uwesmake was born to be an accountant while @introvert was born to be a mechanical engineer, why should they compete at any stage in life?

If you do that, the rich will just fund their “local schools” to national school quality and there will be no chance for the poor bright kids to ever get into “national” quality schools. The rest will export their kids to neighbouring countries. Usifikiri utakutana na mtoto wa Muhoho kwa local yenu.

The reason why the government funds bright kids? So that it can develop the citizenry it needs to compete internationally. This system of giving trophies to all the kids just for participating will create a society without competition, without motivation, wirhout ambition. A vulnerable mass of naive backward sheep. The crooks in the society will find their way out of the system to sharpen themselves and then come back into the same group and completely dominate it.

Poor bright kids deserve a way out.

Unfortunately for your type, there will be no national schools in the new curriculum. The national schools concept is a colonial concept whose sole aim was to create some few schools for the elite in the society and give them more quality education than kids from the ordinary hoi polloi.

Very valid question. I guess we would have to find a way to determine very early in life which child would excel in which feild.

That’s the hallmark of a good education system. Not crass competition on who knows how to memorize information better.

National schools cater for children from poor families. The elites will just move their children to Turi and if you ban or demote Turi they will move the kids to similar schools in Uganda. The poor will stay in the “local” secondary then all will go to “local” polytechnic.

Not true.

What is not true?