Another Charcoal Ferrying Vehicle Burnt in Kitui

This time a probox was the unfortunate recipient of the wrath.

Shiet na bado wanasalvage makaa

I just watched Ngilu today reiterate that the operation to stop charcoal burning and sand harvesting in her county will not relent. She was speaking at SEKU graduation ceremony.

I think we should treat this charcoal smugglers as mass murderers. they want us all dead.

Si they are getting this sand/charcoal from willing sellers?? Why is blame not also being directed to this point people?

She lives in a castle.

si waende kwa source wajue nani anaproduce hiyo makaa

hatred, jealousy, envy.

Verily verily this is wrong. The fight against deforestation is all similar to the alkabaab fight we started in Kismayo

You can’t kill snake by its tail, you have to hit the head first. Stop logging first before operations on the road ndio ukipatikana barabarani na makaa unasema umetoa wapi.

90% of the owners of the vehicles burnt ni kitunguu wananukisha. They know nothing about deforestation wanasema ni biashara kama kawaida.

Kumbe wanduli wakiamua kuwa wajeuri wana weza


so packaging the charcoal eats up space, ni kumwagwa tu ndani kama maharagwe. Hiyo homa dere hupata basi wach tu

Hapo sasa

Eish… this is getting out of hand. Why not impound the vehicles and impose hefty fines. Vehicle owners should sue Kitui county

When incited and secretly offered incentives you will be shocked at what the most innocent youth can do.

I think wameitoa kwa magunia wakachoma nayo gari.

but i’d like to get the full story here…maybe the charcoal burnt the car. i’ve seen charcoal burn a lorry to old steel juu ya ku-pack-iwa kabla haijazimika poa…and kitui being a water scarce county and the understandable rush to get out the charcoal…just my imagination running wild…

People turns to be very stupid. You understand how it is risky transporting charcoal but you won’t relent. Several vehicles have been burned but you still want to risk yours too. Nini hutusumbua hii Kenya?

Is the problem charcoal smuggling or unplanned cutting down of trees?