Another bus torched after hitting boda boda rider.

Where are you getting your stats from? What makes Kenya seem even more overpopulated is the fact that desirable places people prefer to live in comprise only 1/5 th of the country. The rest of the country has a long way to go…to put it mildly.
In 2009, Nbi had only 3.1 million people. In 2017, the population shot up to 6.5 million. Where are we heading surely? Today if you want to be elected MCA of your sleepy ward you almost have to uplift the unemployed youths by buying them nduthis. The problem with us is being reactive instead of proactive. How come no one predicted the menace nduthis would become in future? I hate those ferkin motorbikes I would ban them if I was prezzo.

Altogether don’t these bus owners feel the heat and reign on their drivers.Now what a loss.How long will it take for the guy to get compensated and resume remiting his loan premiums if any.

The boda boda guy was on the right but where is he now.Many innocent motorists and riders are gonna suffer as a result of these wayward drivers

I don’t know much about insurance, will they compensate if it’s a criminal offense?

Was about to castigate the riders for burning the bus, but what has happened to the Boda guy is not right. I am not sure that I would have reacted differently if that happened to a colleague or a family member.

Did a ride from malindi to gede-Watamu last week (2017 dec)
1 the road is narrow
2 lots and lots of boda boda in Gede Bus station so uta pata wana fanya ma U turns and quick charges towards potential customers
3 most of these boda riders hawana hata leseni

How is this a consequence of overpopulation?

The US where you live has a population of 350 million +. Do you see this kind of lawlessness? Better still, California has almost the same population as Kenya does not see this kind of lawlessness.

Lets not sugarcoat stuff.

God of mercy!

Hio ya 6.5 million sijui umetoa wapi hio figure? I doubt hata Nairobi City population imefika 4.5 million people.

Are you talking of Nairobi or Kenya? Even Nairobi for all that area is averagely populated. Kenya’s population density is around 85 people per sq km.
Our neighbor UG is 207 people per sq km.
Germany 230 per sq km
Nigeria 194 per sq km
Ethiopia 102 per sq km

Kenya is not overpopulated. Even our towns are tiny. Nairobi is like an estate when compared to the populous megacities of Lagos or Kinshasa or Cairo or Seoul.

The only thing that makes Nairobi seem crowded (over populated) is the puny road infrastructure and poorly planned residential areas and an old CBD planned in the colonial era.

I need to find out about that too

Mbona hukugonga ile zebra pale Voi?

Choma kabisa. These buses think they rule the road. They will overtake carelessly no matter what!!

Voi na Watamu zina patanaje

Labda ni bibi ya kasee pale pipeline .

Fuck manze huyu ako alive kweli?

Lakini ukiona uko on the right lane na kuna dere wazimu anakam straight kukugonga na una chance ya kuhepa,jus avoid then chapa uturn na ufwate yeye n giv him a piece of yo mind

Where are YOU getting your stats from? That overpopulation narrative does the rounds without any figures to back it up.

The mombasa-malindi road is narrow basi/truck mbili heading to different directions hupitana leaving very little room for bodas.kuna guys wa boda in kilifi who move off the road whenever they see a bus or truck approaching especially on the stretch of road past pwani uni to tezo

Most motorists don’t respect bodaboda riders. They always expect them to make way for them as if they don’t belong to the road