Another bus torched after hitting boda boda rider.


Simba Coach bus torched at Gede after allegedly hitting a bodaboda rider.

This boda boda goons should be wiped of the road. Such a stupid group and am talking about wote

Probox ilikuwa karibu? They thrive in such cases

Just a fraction of boda guys have chromed the industry with a million vices.
Car jarking-boda
Torching vehicles-boda.

Make a mistake uguze tu kamoja barabarani and you are done. Its only a boda one gets to the shop with a co rider, rides home with a few falls and next day is a pro on the roads. That’s enough licence. Something be done to stop the vice.

The level of lawlessness in Kenya is scary. Hapa you don’t know who to side with. The bodaboda guys have genuine grievances. We have seen how erratic these bus drivers are; overtaking on the wrong side and sending oncoming traffic out of the road.
But the bus drivers can argue that bodaboda guys are riding crazy in our roads and we have all witnessed it. Transport CS Macharia is a failure.

He just got his contract renewed for another five years. How many times have we discussed the boda boda issue on this forum?


Wah! The guy has been twisted like literally hadi the trouser has been turned into a short

Is This the incident?

Yes, and it seems the bus had veered off it’s lane, or was overtaking.

Wah! Kenya is one scary country at times. We are starting to see the dire consequences of overpopulation and poor road planning. I wish that unfortunate fella a quick recovery.

Kenya as a whole is not overpopulated.

Chesos … did this guy make it alive here?

Bodaboda is a time bomb

Arr bodas organised into saccos? Like the mat industry…if not ,tuanze hapo, tuone how long hiii ujinga utaendelea…imagn if every car that knocked off a pedestrian was to be torched???

Ferking hell


show some respect to boda boda guys. The bus driver overtook in clear view of the motorbike expecting the rider to move out of his lane. bully

You should see how boda boda riders behave from kikambala to mtwapa, utashtuka and they are pretty young

They have very strong saccos my friend