Another broke beta male holding a Circle Jerk GroupTherapy Session on Twirra


Beta male ikubali hypergamy pole pole,bila kusumbua. Alpha male inakamua Kunguru pole pole pale Malindi na kumwaga ndani Hadi fallopian tubes.

Makamasi, this grant guy must be you.

Time ikipita, naona wanaume are waking up to the reality that women are ruthless when it comes to dishing out their pussy… Kama hutoshi mboga, hupewi.

Ndio maana, the best way na hii kitu niku-realize that she’s never yours, it’s just your turn. Don’t get attached to pussy, ata iwe tight ama tamu aje. Getting attached to pussy ndio hufanya wanaume wa-commit to relationships then wanafanyiwa madharau kama huyu jamaa…


jamaa aende ocha ale Christmas na familia atoe upuzi twitter. apa ocha kuna kienyeji swafi. nishapita na moja na siwes mind kama mtu anapita na wangu mahali yuko. its a cold world.

The stupidity out their… Unbelievable… What happened to men being polygamous by nature… Tafuta mzinga na malaya… Chapa kitu until your shuma becomes sore… Move the hell on

the nigga is such a beta he can’t even bring himself to tell the bish fuck you. Anatumia F U. Shows you who carries the biggest balls in that relationship

The sad thing is she’ll come back, shed afew crocodile tears, give him that overused pucci and they’re back on hadi wapime those matching vitenges…

So twitter itamu saidiaje?

very sad

“If you can be a good girlfriend, dm.” :D:D
This guy is far too gone, cannot be salvaged… I would bet mama left coz he’s clingy.
But it smells like a publicity stunt.