Another bloody day in the death republic

As it was christened by @mlipuayote

A dude outside his house firing an AR-15 “for fun” gets agitated when his neighbor requests him to quit because it’s frightening his baby. The dude loses it, guess he’s on edge or just loony like nearly everyone else in the country, and goes on a rampage, killing five of the neighbors.

When the governor of the state is asked about the revolting issue, guess what his response is?

“The victims were in the country illegally…”

Na ati bonobos nyi hushinda hapa mkijitukana? That is a whole governor of a state, responding to a question about the gruesome, senseless, brutal murder of five innocent people, including a child that is less than a year old!

How does one keep defending a senseless position even when evidence is overwhelming that huu ni upuzi mtupu? Ni maiti ngapi unataka kuona? Au more specifically, ni maiti za aina gani unataka kuona, maiti za akina nani?

Because that os the only explanation that could probably make some sense.

Anyway, one may be tempted Kenia is bad until they pay close attention to what happens on a daily basis in the republic of death.

Every one will buy a gun and start killing each other for the flimsiest “provocations” like breathing.

Its already happening bro. Around there people get shot or shot at for the tiniest reasons, or for no reason at all. You cut someone off in traffic and your windows are sprayed with bullets. Or you could just be minding your own business driving your own car and you get sprayed with bullets. I saw a case recently where some teens enjoying ice cream in the back seat got mowed down.

Even “empowered” women are walking around with pistols in their purse. If you cold approach and she doesn’t like the way you look you might end up in ER.

The idiots who spout garbage about amendments need to tell us when one person’s rights trump (and I hate to use that word) anothers.

Hiyo governor Kiwete huwa full of hate…he pledged to pardon a convicted KKK murderer of BLM protestors immediately alifungwa even before sentencing…sick cripple how he disrespects this poor family that lost five

There are stupid people of every kind in every part of the world. What shocks us is that other groups of similar people allow them to wield authority, and they fail to cease being stupid. Of course they cannot; it’s their nature.

The killer was an illegal immigrant who had been deported 5 times.