Another anthem for MOMO lovers

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A Luckluster song and very Lame production …

I would have given him a better choice of Dance Vixens to work with … :D:D:D






:D:D:D ni sawa wuew…endele kutibu wagonjwa

What a boring song. Can never be a hit

Yeah …
Ward Rounds just after I finish my Dinner …


There is this new Nurse … :D:D:D

There is no photoshop for video, so all those ladies would disappoint

Oohh Yeah …??? :D:D



How do you manage to focus akili ikiwa Kwa hawa watu. Unadunga mgonjwa sindano na mecho unasafisha… salivating.

Kuna moja natwanga ikona maracore ka hii. But Ishanibore. Ikona attachment issues

Multi-tasking is a skill you quickly develop in my business … :D:D


:D:D:D you are overworking the little man

More of this priss…

About the Nurse …???
More to follow soon … :D:D