Another African Bull-Rushed This Time In Australia....

[SIZE=7]‘I felt like an animal’: Tasered man aboard Jetstar flight speaks out[/SIZE]

Jetstar please explain This kind of treatment is totally unacceptable.
Other passengers’ accounts and video evidence plainly and clearly show that Mr. Bolic was not at any point violent.


Passengers onboard a Jetstar flight have described the moment a Melbourne man was Tasered and arrested after sitting in an incorrect seat as “very violent”.
Bolic Bet Malou wanted to sit next to his family while on a flight departing Perth on Saturday night when the cabin crew asked him to move.
Australian Federal Police (AFP) were called to the flight about a “disorderly and aggressive passenger.”


Watu wawache ujinga, the man had paid his ticket. People request others to let them sit next to those they’re travelling with all the time. Mnaelewana tu. Nothing new; nothing to zap a man for.

This is totally unacceptable