Another accident

Along eastern bypass near the entrance to Infinity Industrial Park.
Involving a matatu and a Tata truck. Didn’t take mbisha as cops were harrasing motorists but there seem to have been casualties as shoes are strewn all over the mathree wreckage.

People love driving dangerously on that road


People must die, lets get over it already!

Do u guys think humans are immortal?

Your turn will come and it will hit you hard when your loved ones are the victims.


Don’t be a person of this mentality…

people die yeah but not careless drivers killing people

the problem right now is that you people are already making this accidents as if it happens only here in Kenya, it’s all over the world and so pray hard, drive safe, drink responsibly, fika salama

True people must die, but they must die with honor - not an early death.

By the way @introvert huto tunyororo tunakuwanga suspended kwa front bumper za tata ni twa kazi gani?

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Honestly sijui.I remember an old driver telling me they used to hang a chain to confuse the readings on the speed gun.
Sijawahi ona TATA imeexceed speed limit.


Sweeping mines and bombs


For that reason am travelling on a very quiet day this moon

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Earth rod, gari inaelectric malfunction, ukiwasha inakupiga shock. They assume the nyororo helps.

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my take tooo… nikama earth road…coz if yu touch a live wire in yua mancave… pekee yake utaona nywele za mkono zikismama…thats electrical energy ikitry kufind place ya kutokea…

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Hizo nyororo ni maridadi :smiley:

picha tafasari

kutoa static electricity isibuild PD ikuje kuharibu gari ama kuwasha mafuta.

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