Anonymous webhosting Help

Is there a way of hosting a website anonymously(such that whois doesn’t reveal your details)??? saidieni hapa kiasi

when you register a domain pay for privacy too it’s like an extra $10 or just fill in phony details but the email has to be genuine, credit card details are not viewable in the who is check

and can this also be used to hide a website owners info from the govt


wacha kunicheka.kuuliza si ujinga

It breaks down to several things you’ll need to anonymize in one way or another :
[li]Your ownership of the domain name[/li][li]Your ownership of the hosting contract, or a hosting service with a very strict pro-customer-privacy approach[/li][li]Your payments for both[/li][li]Your access to the hosting service[/li][/ul]
The simplest way to handle that would be using a human intermediary.
If that is not a preferable solution, there are services that provide anonymous domain registration and/or hosting, such as PRQ or Bahnhof (to give two more widely known examples).
You can also set up at least one - if not more - proxy to conceal your actual hosting location. This makes it harder to find you
Or, you could make your site only available through a darknet such as TOR.
Which option you find preferable is entirely up to you, but be mindful there’s no such thing as perfect anonymity - the question is of how much time and effort it would take for someone to find out your identity.

When push comes to shove utapatikana tuuuu…:smiley:

Download Tor, go to the marketplace and buy anonymous hosting. I have one that works like a charm.

buy a server and use it as a host kwako assuming you have good internet connection

for a private domain name buy one from Njalla