Anonymous shows up in Kenya


Who talked of 2015 or what are you trying to tell us Mr NIS?

Hiyo tunajua ni handwriting ya @spear.

Ruto people will again fail on this simple PR test…the best way to handle such an issue is to IGNORE it…but you will see them try to spin it and by doing so open a door for the likes of Atwoli and murathe to jump on it

They already are messing coz they all jumped into defensive mode uncoordinated with some trying to discredit Livondo while others provide us with dates (Livondo didn’t give any).

kumbe ndio Uhunye aliruka hio umbwa ya kina @sani . guy will do anything to grab power

It started with too young to retire( which was the true reason for betrayal), then they saw mtk were not boarding. They moved on to theft ( only people were woke to thugs shouting about thieves), on to early campaigns, ,sabotage ,asssasination nyef nyef nyef. By august we will have been treated to all kinds of excuses for what is simply a betrayal borne out of the selfish desire to hold on to power after expiry of term.

remember when several presidential escorts were arrested at Sudi’s home?

They were all attached to William at the time

What I know is that, anything about president, whether on social, public or private media is sniffed miles away