Anonymous my foot

Kumbe hapa kuna watu wanajuana and even transact business.

@johntez addi gaza msafi tushikane tufanye biz bora usiniibie.Watu hapa wananukisha kitunguu proper


Wacha watu wanukishe kitunguu

Forums dominated by Luhya owners, can only be dominated by talks and discussions devolving around KUMA. NO PUN INTENDED.

No there is pun intended :D:D:D:D:D.

Have you noted that those on the screenshot rarely post on the main platform.Ni Biashara tu,which is commendable anyway.

Who are these people

Bubudiu tunajuana kabsa. I have always believed that if you can get on with someone online, you can get on in real life and it works. I have many firm friends from the RCB forum kendu 10 years now…and I have quite a few from here. I was planning to meet some of them during my trip to Kenya this year which is now on hold. Wengine washaenda home to visit my Mum…life is too short and I love networking. Pengine it is because I came here at an early age and learnt that andu nio indo. I don’t know where I would be without the new friends I made here.

Also some guys here do ask me to transact for them some stuff na wacha nikuambie the v quiet folk here have a lot of money as I have seen some v serious bank statements. Na area code zao huko .ke sio mchezo but on the rare occasion that they post utaona mtu akisema niko hapa paipu huwa nacheka. Na sio hiyo ako seated in some v leafy burb.

But I have to emphasise that one has to be vvv careful on KT as pyschos are here too but for me so far so good.

Wacha niwachie hapo.

Well I need to change my ways too.Yaah watu ndio mali na hapa I have seen several who are in the same field as me and can grow each other.But nimetusi wao occassionally sijui kama wanaweza nikubali karibu na wao.
@kanguthu ukuuga atia wapiganao ndio wapatanao,au niaje?

Hihihihi wacha nihepe. Kanguthu atakuja na matusi kali ya one line only.:smiley:

Nikamzae hivi hivi so that is expected of him,but i need to keep close with Injinia.Ata kama ni wa kuchomelea makarai

Biashara lazima tufanye else why are we here? must mix business with pleasure. I don’t really have that business acumen but as soon as some deal goes thru and I get a cut I get a certain high because it is not earned the way I know. By being employed and expecting a salo. Which in a way is slavery.

Kama sasa nasikia vibaya sana about a deal that has gone sour because of Rona. Flowers! I found a good market deal pale Covent garden and all what the dude was meant to do is do the export stuff. Flowers are v big business here and some of the florists are known to run away with the payments na huwezi mfikia when in Kenya but I am here and I know where to report. Things were going nyweeeeeeeeeeeee and dude was planning how we will venture into french beans etc…

On hold for now! but he is working on it. I will do my bit here. Some guys really work hard for their families. Tafuta Kanguthu kikikiki…

Kumbe huyu anakuwaga ni @ kabuda ? na zile kikiki zake

:D:D kumbe huwa unabeba maua na ile lorry hapo london? hata labda uko tu hapa Nai