Anointing oil

And the risk of losing one’s business and the hard earned cash, in the name of business failure, just ain’t acceptable.
The people I’m talking about, are the business owners mostly in Nairobi.
These gentlemen go to great length to ensure success in their business. These men and women are envied by many if eligible with a disposable income they are considered successful so much so that some sages coined a phrase ‘I’m my own boss’.
5 months ago, ‘john’ opened up a business near mine pale ngong. He is pushing 40,married,rides a fielder, civilized chap. We deal in different consumer goods, their is no may we’re in competition.
For the past three months his business has increased exponentialy.
‘Ken’ another business owner says that since john arrived he has been loosing customers to him. He goes on to add that, he heard john has several other businesses, which are all doing great. Ken swears that when he started, an year passed before he could make substantial profits. Their must be something extra he does, ken exclaimed.
I have heard people going to wagangas for business related problems in the past, as an open minded chap i vowed to get to the bottom of this.

In a span of one month we quickly got acquainted with John. i was sure that circumstantial evidence wasn’t achievable, so i targeted a confession.
To make the story short. John confessed that since he joined a certain popular church in the city several years back, his fortune changed. The head evangelist also a vocal televangelist, sells to them ‘anointing oil’ and stickers. Once you purchase the oil you’re supposed to apply it every morning in your business premisses and the customers will flock. The stickers should be sticked on the windows and doors.
To me this is sorcery.

It is called the power of belief.Once you make yourself STRONGLY believe something will work,then many events will happen in between to make it happen.John is also a likely target for magicians.

hakunanga mambo ya anointing oil otherwise we would all be rich…


Haiya… So nikipaka Voxy hio mafuta haitawahi kosa job?

Manauzwa wapi?

money laundering goes unnoticed if done by ‘church’,your pal ‘john’s’ business is used to clean the money.I am aquainted with a few chaps doing that biz.Every sunday wanamwaga birrions then the mtu wa kaniosa channells the mullas to the flocks’ business then the flock deposit them to a ‘sacco’ and it shows up as clean money

Tuma hapa uombewe 0726833300

Prof Maji marefu, used to annoint the ovaries of Nairobi chics, who wanted to nab men for life, all of you who got married Around 2000 and 2001,:D:D:D you are in an annointed union.

Kidogo kidogo utaskia BIDCO are making profits and those Indians will thank their gods…it’s a cycle.

Sitaki kusema ni kanisa gani, wanauza the anointing oil huko.

Placebo effect?.. I doubt

There was that other conman who was selling soil packed in those khaki papers to whoever wanted land. Strange world I tell you.

I would consider it the power of attraction