Annoying Question

I have this girlfriend of mine. She keeps asking me whether i love her many times despite having told her many times i love her. Is this really normal.?should i entertain it? I feel it is like the lady is doubting me when she does so. And this speaks volume.

Anagawa njee…

Do things differently. Tell her no and see how she reacts.

:smiley: unataka jamaa aanze ku experience @Weird Nightmares?

Inaitwa spicing things up

My thoughts exactly. These ocha niggas especially kalenjingas don’t know these things.

Hwheheheheheheeeeeeeee hehee

She is head over heels mostly girls btn 14 to 22 years do that

Hehe, hapa ukisoma katikati ya laini, Kuna vile kipro anachokoswo.

She’s needy. But at least you are dating. Kuna wale who you are hooking up for the first time and barely know each other and she’s busy telling you she loves you multiple times during the act…
I used to stop and explain we barely know each other and I don’t want to hurt them or raise expectations cause for me I have to really know you for a while to say that yes this is Love and not a really like… Or lust. But hizo watu hawasikii so I just go along with it. Kuna mgine nimeblock she’s now calling me with private numbers. It was annoying cause this woman is calling me at 1 am at night. Ten times in a day. I have shit to do. If I don’t call her ananipigia kunisomea. I was like fuck this. I’m single. Maswali sijibu. Especially when the reason for trying to connect with you is selfishness on their part. They are already thinking how you can save them.

Case yako though. Is she young? Is she seeking assurance before commiting to sex or other things. Are you getting interest from other girls that’s making her insecure or is she a toi that needs constant reassurance

Ati 14 lol.

He’s about to have nightmares alright

kama amekupea slices no need to worry…when a woman feels insecure she will act bitchy with such questions…labda kuna ndume anataka kutolea suruali lakini hayuko sure…she sounds naive tho…kama vile @Weird Nightmares amesema hapo juu…Tell her no and see how it goes alafu letea sisi hekaya hapa.

Such kind of maswali zinafanyanga relationship inakaa ufala.
Mwambie humpendi uone venye ata react. Usikuwe quick ku take back your words (like humpendi), give it like a day. Another thing, venye umeambiwa hapo juu, it is highly likely huyo to anagawa nje or is about to.

Kanagawa - Kumamoto ni km ngapi?

madame wakigawa nje ndo hukua na hii ufala

Anakuuliza hivyo ndio usi suspect anagawa nje.Be woke.

Langat I am pretty sure you put up a thread on this ishu a while back but worded it differently. And I remember telling you that you spend too much time politicking…so that makes her insecure…unless I am mistaken.
Hata ile thread you put up juzi about inter tribal marriages, I think you were asking for self kikiki…

Sit her down in a relaxed atmosphere and address her insecurities patiently and let her know her doubting you is wearing you thin.

Ghasia tuckertucker shoga mkubwa

Whats the correlation between politicking and Relationship, Langat Kipro anatombewa mpipi but anatafuta validation so that he appears like the only lion in the Jungle, Who still worships women? ati sit her in a relaxed environment. Vitu gani hiyo , He should just enjoy the nyap while it lasts.