My child’s first anniversary since his passing has come… he was my one and only!

I was so devastated. That it was a mysterious death which baffled three leading pathologist did not help matters.

Consequently, I have categorically stated to my wife that I am not interested in another child. That is the extent of the trauma.

My family is deeply concerned, as they should. But nobody understands my pain.

Has anyone ever lost a child? How did you deal with it?

Over to you K-Talk shrinks, what say you?

Pole sana mkubwa

To you it’s ok to not having another child, but to the mother another child is like a solace to a deep wound deep deep inside.

It’s high time you tried to have another one. Or else…

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it sounds like you have not been able to overcome the pain of losing your child. it is never easy but it is a good sign that you are now ready to open up about it. you might want to seek professional help.


BTW hiyo “or else” tulisha discuss. She is free to seek somewhere else… :confused::confused:

Sorry for your loss. What’s your wife’s opinion though? Your son needed siblings too at some point

This “else” is gonna hit you hard in the future. Believe me.

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Time is the greatest healer, just by bringing it here is a big step on your healing journey. The sooner you have another baby the better, it will help in your healing journey. Denying your partner another chance to parenting is being selfish. She lost too remember.


Mmhhh… quite a good insight.

I am afraid. The thought of a child being plucked in my midist once again freaks me out. totally!

I don’t have the strength and heart to do it again.

I don’t think karma can allow that to happen again. A child makes the family happy

You are a man, we live and die for people we love. If your wife wants a kid give her a kid. Trust me, that kid will be your healing potion. It does not help just sitting around with your wife crying over spilt milk.


Sorry for your loss man, kama vile umeambiwa respect your wife’s wish and do the necessary

As much as people will try to tell you to do this and that, one thing is clear, they can’t even start to comprehend (I included) what you are going through and we can only pretend to.

On my part all i can say is pole sana for your loss, I pray that you get solace and God’s grace to enable you to overcome your loss and grief.


deeply sorry man

That must really hurt.
Pole man.

Take heart bro, and take another leap of faith and start afresh. Our God is a God of another chance.

Sorry if i may ask, why this move?


Poleni sana. You’re still grieving. Maybe give it time and with the passing of it your mind might change in regards to getting another child.

In as much as i sympathize with you hapa unafanya ujinga


Boss, pole for your loss. One year is a long time, and I cannot comprehend how much agony and pain you have gone through and the big leap you have taken to open up to anonymous shrinks that is the Ktalk village … a step in the right direction …my two cents …don’t hurry…take your time…the same way you have decided to open up to us at your own time…when u felt the need to…is the same way you will make the right decision …“una bola” is right…time heals.

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