Annie fixers

Moses Kuria
On Friday 6th November 2015 the PS Devolution Ms Mwanamaka Mabruki convened a meeting of ministry of devolution and planning staff to investigate on the fake assets register that was delivered to the Public Accounts Committee. In that meeting the following staff admitted to forging the register

  1. Samuel Odhiambo, Head of Supply Chain Management - 0722 811 066 0736 811 066
  2. Charles Mulandi, Supply Chain Management Officer Planning - 0720 674 684
  3. Peter Isandwa Supply Chain Management Officer DPSM - 0716 157 671They claimed they did so to cover up for gaps in the audit query for 2013-2014 FY. The LPOs presented to PAC were fake and not existent in IFMIS. They did so with full knowledge of PS Peter Mangiti who had to present something to Nicholas GumboNow dear media people. Lets see what is left of investigative journalism in this country


If it’s moses kuria the mp then that story is as credible as the story of Babu raila


Those staff if they had come from certain part of the country hawangeshikwo!
But alas!!!

Sasa wewe tutakusaidiaje?

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It’s going to be another interesting week in Kenyaville…

Saddness of life when corruption gets political.
Kuria should be the last person talking about this case

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And that is how corruption wins in kenya [ATTACH=full]20422[/ATTACH]


thats powerful…

haki wewe una shida mingi sana kuja nikutagishe mayai mrembo

If thats you on the avatar…Then just know that your teeth are brighter than you.

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If you buy this, then I know Kenya has bigger problems than I imagined.

hehehe…low blow

Spax,nimekuonea nje ya 18.:eek::eek::eek: