Ann Waiguru on True Love Cover

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Hehehe…this is savage…

Once in a while, you produce garbage. This is pure bullshit.

Waiguru has eaten proceeds of corruption till her forehead and thighs oozes luminous shiny fat

She can literally illuminate a road like headlamps on a pitch dark night


:D:D:DHizo knee bruises

The knees [SIZE=1]look like ass:D[/SIZE]

Because he is criticizing a Jubilee governor?

shida ya maji iliisha cape Town!


[ATTACH=full]162760[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]162761[/ATTACH], @gashwin hizi ndizo red thighs?

Because sexual insults are below the belt. Or you can go with your reason too if it gives you a smile.

He he, hapana.

Sexual insults are actually so ungrownup.