Ann kananu

A source from City Hall tells me that Anne Kananu drinks more than Mike Sonko. She rarely goes to the office, and she rarely attends meetings because she is always drunk. Last week, she was so drunk that she messed up her office. How did this woman become a Governor?

True,met her twice at some joint but this was before her elevation…she might have changed for better

Her eyes have it… very decent lady too… she changed.

At times I feel like alcohol was not made for women.

Thats the only way she can keep her mind off all the dicks n arses she has sucked n licked.

Ask Uhuru Mungai Kenyarra.

Hiyo mesho yake ni ya common whore.

For the cameras only.

The position she holds come with alot of “commitment”, especially now that she is a woman.

Sonko naye went to Oblivion. From being a governor of a powerful city in East Africa to being a blogger and now runs a club in Mombasa. Enyewe Power is transient

Kazi gavana wa Nairobi aliwachiwa na akina Badi ni ya kufagia streets pekee

Do you take alcohol madam?

Socially and sometimes, pombe ina wenyewe mwili yangu haiwesani.

Nitakupeleka out this weekend ukunywe sweet red wine

Messed how? Azin she peed and pooped and vomited kwa office ama

No need, hio iko kwa nyumba, for my digestion and movies.

Nitanunua rabbit meat and West African coconut wine basi


Anne kananu belongs to our society she is doing whats considered normal.

Being a woman surrounded by a batch of hyenas.

She is smart enough to keeps her makucha at bay.

Wacha akate teii. Utashanga if she confesses what she gone thru.

Tumia Ubongo

Clitocurrency mkuu