…there is an animal known by the name kaga in Kikuyu…what is the English name of the animal. I live near a small man made forest full of these animals which are only present at night but haziogopi binadamu.I always find them at my door at night. what’s kaga in English?

hiyo jina sijawahi sikia. is it a rodent, primate, feline or what?

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…it has a face of a squirrel, but a medium body and features of like a small monkey…someone suggested its a bush baby but from Google photos, bush baby is a bit small, kaga ni kubwa than bush baby…

kaga ni nyuni inayofanana na kuku,hujawahi sikia msemo ‘kilichotoa kaga manyoya’?

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR OVER IMAGINATIVE MIND. That’s a bat specifically blood supping vampires like mosquitoes at night.

hiyo ni kanga…Mimi nasema kaga in kikuyu

…a face like a bat somehow but no wings …apart from face, kila kitu inakaa ka monkey…na haiogopi humans actually unapatana nayo face to face usiku with shiny eyes na haipotei

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wamombasa umekula za mbaya ukatupiwa majini


Haikuoni NKT BATS can’t see at night hata kama imekodoa macho inatumia sonar waves ku sense way around wore unto you I sense warmth kaa mosquito saa ile umedoze lazima ikuume.

…he he…its only that where I live is surrounded by a man made forest and it has a lot of bamboo which has become too dense thus a forest…

jîbîrî that’s what we call it here in karampton Illinois


Hedgehog you mean?

Chukua picha

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… has a body similar to a monkey and a long tail? please nipigie picha…I will pay for bundles


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Hio Riddle yako inatuchanganya. Acha ningoje majib

what’s your location and where did you get the kaga name?

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murang’a county…mashinani…the name is derived from the sound it makes…kaga kaga

is it the greater galago?