Angular vs React vs Vue

Kwa programmers, which is your preferred language kwa wale hutumia izi frameworks? Watu wa Php mbaki mlipo. In my opinion they are all like trying to crack a nut with bare teeth. The documentation itself was harder to use except Vue and tutorials were not so much of a help

tutorials if you don’t like for a particular tutor’s style you try a different Tutor

My preferred language is Javascript

Unless you understand JavaScript and object oriented design it’s useless to jump into these fronted frameworks, especially react

mine is HTML :cool::cool::cool::cool:

Which dialect of HTML? :confused:


I hate front end (okay I suck at it, I am not artistic). Sort of like a guy who knows English but can’t write a book. I thrive in the behind the scenes stuff. Anyway, when I absolutely have to , I use Angular, I found it the easiest to learn coming from a Java background.


Because they are all front-end javascript frameworks, it really comes down to just preference and familiarity. There is only so much more one can do than the other. I am sure they all make AJAX, DOM model binding etc a breeze. Most likely they can all be tested with Mocha, chai, chai-as-promised etc.

I prefer Angular JS. Because it’s what I am familiar with.

Buda HTML is not programming a language…Mbaff!!

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Depends on what you’re building. If you’re developing something that is quite big and scalable, you can use the React framework, but as someone mentioned up there, if you’re good at OOP, then you can ace in Angular.

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