Angry Man Drives Range Rover Full Speed Into A Crowd In Texas Killing 8 After Another 8 Died In A shooting

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Police in the US state of Texas have said at least seven people were killed and 10 injured after a car ploughed into a group of people waiting for a bus near a shelter for refugees, migrants and homeless people.

The incident happened on Sunday in the border town of Brownsville when a silver-grey SUV reportedly ran a red light and mounted the kerb where the group was waiting.

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It’s an accident, and a rare one of its sort in the US–possibly a drunk driver. Worse ones happen in Kenya almost daily, caused by stupid and reckless matatu drivers, bodabodas, and private motorists too. So Ndindu wacha hizi excitement za bure, like you’re celebrating people dying in the US. I’m not excusing this man, but Kenyans are some of the worst and crudest drivers on earth, who keep killing themselves and others on the road like it’s routine.

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The driver was identified as George Alvarez, a 34-year-old with an extensive rap sheet, including prior charges of assault and driving while intoxicated, according to police.

The vehicle he was driving ran a red light, lost control, flipped on its side, and hit a total of 18 people, the chief said.

Alvarez then tried to flee the scene before he was detained by bystanders, police said.

He was charged on the manslaughter counts as well as 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and his bond was set at $3.6 million, the chief said. Police said they are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Several immigrants were among those killed when the Land Rover hit a group waiting at a bus stop across the street from the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center, a nonprofit homeless shelter helping to house migrants in the border town, authorities say.

Police say they are still investigating the violent crash, which was captured on surveillance video. The footage shows the vehicle driving at a very high rate of speed and hitting a curb about 30 feet from where the migrants were sitting before the driver appears to lose control, Victor Maldonado, the director of the Ozanam Center in Brownsville, told CNN on Sunday.

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