Angry Doctors

Hatutaki Upuzi Sisi
We are not Boda Boda or Mama Mbogas:rage::fire:

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) has opposed the Electronic Tax Invoice Management System (eTIMS) and demanded its immediate suspension.

KMA President Dr Simon Kigondu yesterday said Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) should suspend eTIMS rollout in the medical service sector for doctors, dentists, pharmacists and hospitals within seven days to allow room for discussions and agreement on a common position on issues raised including a complete exemption of its implementation in the healthcare sector.

With the introduction of the eTIMS through the Finance Act, 2023, he said KRA is seeking to force medical practitioners disclose patient data including patients’ names, sex, hospitalisation and treatment details to the Government through the system.

This, he said, will expose the public prejudice in employment opportunities and public service provision, referring to reports on how KRA used medical and pregnancy tests to deny deserving employment to Kenyans.

He said the system is not possible for medical professionals and specifically hospitals, medical practitioners, dentist and pharmacists to process the sensitive health data required for invoicing under eTIMS without violating the Constitution and the laws as established in Kenya including but not limited to the Health Act, Patient Rights, Data Protection Act, Hippocratic Oath, Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act and the Digital Health Act.

“The KRA and Treasury appear unaware of the Constitution and these laws that govern medical practice in Kenya.
They are putting taxes before health and money before life. If the peoples’ health suffers from lack of medical care, and they are unable to work, whose incomes will they tax and for whose benefit…???” he posed.

Hate to break it to you, but mutatii. Doktari meffi

What happened to equality of citizens.


What I am saying is that we are not as gullible as them

“…Hii ni Serekali ya Boda Boda na Mama Mboga…”
“… Dynasty ni Mbaya …”"
“… Hasora Tawara…”

They can go and preach that nonsense to Sunday Church Services or their supporters in Mt Kenya and Rift Valley…

Ngombe Kabisa

When they were going against mama mboga na nyanya, mlinyamaza mdomo ati they are targeting low class society. Sasa wacha wawanyanyase mikundu. Pigeni follen, turn yenu imefika.

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Oh Yeah …??
And you can go and look for a Bottom Up Hustler to give you urgent Medical Treatment next time …
Bure Kabisa …:rage::fire:

After I buy nyanya and mboga from the ladies I will.

Why does the gavament want our medical records? Wafanye nini nazo? Hii gava imejaa ghaseer tupu hatutaenda hospitali we will call our doc friends watutibu home.

This is misleading. Watu wote walipe tax. You can’t do business without paying tax.

There’s Data Protection Act and laws, and the government handles almost all our sensitive information. The issue is where there’s misuse.

Meffi hao. Walipe tax. Nabii finya kabisa

Naskia nabii hapaki lube, wala havai condom. NI DRY FRY

What if doctors provide their services without indicating? What will happen in that instance?