Anglo Italian treaty

original british east africa aka kenya


interactive map with colonial agreements is here

From the above map,it can be seen how the british curved a kenya for themselves,i had to create a thread just to write this in capital JUBALAND WAS CURVED FROM KENYA,NOT NFD BEING CURVED FROM SOMALIA,so our ‘arab’ brothers and sisters,we all have our african tribes split by the actions of colonialist,na hatusumbui.You are either a patriotic citizen or a foreign spy.wacheni kutusumbua

Below is a link to british parliament discussions on this subject

I had to quote this part:

THE UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR (THE EARL OF ONSLOW) :… I may say that the whole of this country is inhabited by a small population of nomad Somalis …

also,to our lawyers at ICJ,that agreemet talks of land only not the sea,so we are actually doing somalia a favor through the presidential decrees that affirmed our jurisdiction over a small triangle

Jubaland ni yetu, for now it’s a buffer zone . Ata mtu wetu Sheikh Islam Madoobe anajua hivo. He is our man on the ground and he will be Jubalands’ defacto leader for the foreseeable future.

Leo unahara all over

nimecome na ubaya leo :D:D

Any educated person knows there was no unified Somalia before colonisation. They only used that propaganda to justify their wasteful war with Ethiopia

This is true for most of Africa. We were small communal states each with its unique beliefs and customs and languages. That’s why wazungus were able to run so wild because we were extremely divided.

We should colonize Europe, the West and everywhere with Whites by impregnating their women. At least every guy here should make sure amezalisha mzungu…

The white men hawasamehei wanawake wetu.

Nope… The wazungus were able to colonise and pillage because they had superior technology.Even huge countries and empires like China and India stood no chance.
Technology is the reason why a small island nation was able to conquer half the world.

they had superior weapons , ethiopia and japan frcked everybody up coz they acquired modern guns …queen nzinga of congo and the songhai empire delayed their fall coz of brains and guns respectively…some mzee told me that after the maumau got hold of guns they cld finish platoons of beberus (but they say only 32 beberu died)

They were able to colonise because they were inhuman. They genocided entire populations , spread diseases they broke their promises double crossed everyone and eventually they killed each other