Anger management App

I have an anger management app. And since I got it am able to keep track of whom am angry at and why, you guys should try it

I guess if you have anger issues, it works fine for you. Seen any guys here having anger issues?


Let’s just say people here are not smiling

Mi nko tu sawa

How do you keep track ama munamalizana hapo

By the time naondokea situation, huwa ishakuwa concluded

Funny how @kush yule mnono doesn’t comment in the tech section and @Abba does so about 2 times a year. Yet when a pink handle starts a thread the two of them - guided by deeks - come out of their cocoons. The irony is that @Nameberry1 is not even female.

Are you? We dont know enough to say if guys here are smiling or not, but going from the little you posted up there, we can be sure you are definitely not smiling.


:)Wow are you insinuating that my tone is often unhappy or worse angry? with the app by the end of the year anyone i got issues na yy huwa we ve made love not war

But do you say …


What’s the application’s name?

Anger management

But mi ni mke though