ANGELA ANGWENYI kunukisha Kitunguu


What happened to her case and who ensured lazima huyu mama apewe hii tender. and why ? [SIZE=5] ksh 302 000 000 si mchezo .[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=7]Former journalist Angela Angwenyi quizzed over Sh302 million tender[/SIZE]

A Chief Executing Officer of a company that won a Sh302 million contract from the Ministry of Devolution has been put on the spot to justify how the firm landed the deal.

Auditor General Edward Ouko in a special audit report on the accounts of the National Youth Service(NYS) had questioned the hefty payments to the firm which was among other private companies that did business with the ministry.

"We only have been paid Sh90,737,607 , which is 30 per cent of the total amount agreed.

The committee chairperson Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo took issue with the manner in which the tender was awarded, pointing out that the huge amount involved meant that the person who won the contract must have been a top professional.

“I have vast experience in the media. My company which was registered in 2010 has done several jobs and projects for top clients. I had the strength and experience to execute the tender,” she said.


Hii mama ikona pesa hivi… Now it’s in the public… Pesa ako nayo…

si ndio anaweza kusomesha mtoto Turi?

anafaa kuwa kamiti huyu …alikula za NYS sana

Huyu madame alienda wapi bana? I remember her being a radio host and judge. Kumbe alikuwa anafuga mali bila kusumbua mtu. I like that.

niko na inside info lakini nikisema admin atafinywa makende aniseme munione kwa news pale lee.wacha iishie hapo

She got paid 80 million and was sent to Ghana by the scanad CEO akashughulikie ofisi huko…

May be she was just a proxy owner. You dont get such contracts easily, you need connections. She could also have been a mpango wa a big man somewhere

si urushe inbosk


just like the young naivasha lady …nmesahau jina !

Hata mie hapo inbox…


Two names have surfaced Angela angwenyi na Nicholas Gumbo. Was she related to Jimmy the Mp

Okemo na Gichuru wananyonya tu Mali ya wizi polepole

yap …huyo

It is a known fact that doing business with G.o.K is the quickest way of joining the top 1% i.e Ksh 100,000,000 networth. Where else will a company that is 3 months old win contracts worth hundreds of millions isipokuwa huku banana republic??

How did her case go after her accounts were frozen … ? nani anajua …


ala!!! is this true??

i worked with this girl and even went to school with her… we lost touch after going to different media houses. next thing i knew ako na tender ya pesa kubwa. i wondered, “what right move didn’t i make?” then i figured to myself that, kila mtu na race yake. i don’t want to be constantly looking over my shoulder.