Angela Ambitho

Just out of curiosity why was Angela Ambitho in such a hurry to release her opinion poll results shortly after IPSOS. She admitted on TV that data collection was going on as late as the previous day. IPSOS on the other hand said they had taken more than a week for data processing, verification and quality checks. I am not saying she cooked her polls but her body language on both Citizen TV and NTV was telling a different story. Assuming she was compromised why would she go to such lengths to mess her professional credibility?

We have busted her previously trying to cheat on methodology. I looked high and low for published methodology but couldn’t find it this time. There is something not kosher with survey subjects - last time, they over sampled a certain population.

alafu alikam na the same clothes zenye alikuwa nazo citizen.chek pia neckless

Why do you people even bother, wacheni debe iamue

This might give you a hint. Its doing rounds everywhere even here. You might have seen it too[ATTACH=full]114672[/ATTACH]

Ah, my fren, usiniambie umeangukia hii propaganda. Which government office at such a level operates on a Saturday?

Wewe kula stock photos na uwache kuuliza maswali ya ujinga.

No I have not. Just doing my bit to murk the waters further. The only thing I believe in this Kenya at the moment is my very own existence only.