Beautifully and Wonderfully Made…
The Good Lord outdid himself here…



If they are so made,why then make heavy use of computer photography apps?


Think of a Rose… …
Already Beautiful , but it also smells Nice…

For the record…
Pic No: 1 is of the same woman without any accoutrements…
And she is still stunning…

Hehe… for once I agree with your tastes

Mali swafi

Safiii sana chief

People need to get laid. Dryspell is real

I got plenty…


@rexxsimba hapo sawa. Endelea vivo hivyo tumelowa maji macho kwa mwosho huu…

Rexsimba…you are a good opthalmologist.

The second one ni she male 108%

A rose by any other name would still smell as nice…on the other,a sophisticated kunguru without her make up is…

Hao vienyeji wameharibu multibet

too much yellow.
wekea sisi Melanin kiassss

Catering for everyone. …
Some in here are crazy for Yellow’s …

See remark from @RetiredVirgin

I have a pic of Her pu*ssy …