Angel Has Fallen

WTF!!! This thing is just too violent.Sijawai ona explosions or brutal murders kama hizo kwa movie.Too bad its the last movie in the “…has fallen” franchise.The guy is a good actor though

This is what makes this movies real. Sio mambo na special effects zenye unaona it all a rea lie.

…and why is this thread doing in sex and relationships category?

White has down was the real thing wangetupea trilogy sii hii upuss ya Olympus

He was wanking to the violence, the sadistic fuck.

Hii kitu imetoka clear copy ama.

Grown ups with hair allover their bodies discussing about movies. Wacheni movie discussions kwa watoto wa primary.

jinga wewe si uende udiscuss kenye unataka mahali unataka? na avatar yako ni ya cartoon.

Birrionea kwani admin @Deorro aliku quarantine huku?:smiley: kila kitu uapost tu huku:D

:D.Una catch juu ya movie.Not surprised.That is not cartoon.That is art.A masterpiece.

How is this sex? Admin rusha huyu Siberia, ajifunze content ya kila forum.

I am 40 but I love movies a lot. Even more than sex and wine.

the last one was racist AF