Angalia hii nya'ngau. Deportees wacheni kusumbua.

Am a big fan of Kevin Bridges and Dany Bhoy. The Scottish accent works for me. Comes off sufficiently rugged, how I like it.

The scottish are also v nice as a people and they live in a beautiful landscape…have spent amazing time huko on el-cheapo caravan holidays. Good food, good beer. Lakini hiyo accent inanishinda sana and they happen to be home to my main providers. Bank, internet so I struggle kiasi…to understand what they are saying.

@uRukairu …Have you ever visited the main Kenyan club ‘Kalabash’ owned by some Kyuk guy from Kiambaa?

Nuh, not yet. Am I missing out ?

FYI,there is a kenyan born Liberal Party Senator for South Australia from the rural village of Hiriga, hapa kenya and yes,she talks like that,with an ozzie twang,na watu hawasumbui

YEZZA…A lot of Kenyans living there and mingling kiasi. Mimi is #not boarding.
But they have big homes, status easily granted, bad weather is all yours but caravaning? mmmh I lurved it. Their beef and beer is v tasty too. Wacha nitafute mbisha for The Black Templar.