Angalia hii nya'ngau. Deportees wacheni kusumbua.

Huyu mshamba Nani amemwambia every Kenyan abroad does cleaning jobs?
And the arrogance in the way he speaks is exactly the same reason I hate Living in Kenya.
Just live your life and mind your own business.

Just because you don’t have a good experience living majuu, why do you feel the need to air your negativity and saltiness on TV?
This is just one person’s opinions out of millions of Kenyans abroad who have made other countries their new home.
And why does KTN call this program Daring Abroad and then go ahead and interview someone living in Kenya?

Is it just lazy journalism ama are they trying to push an agenda?

You might take the mshamba out of mashambani but you sure as fuck can’t take ushamba out of the mshamba!

And if KTN researchers can’t find people who have dared and made it abroad waseme tuwasaidie.
But I should know better, Kenyans and professionalism don’t mix!
Bure kabisa.

His accent is terrible, what did he expect? :smiley:

His students are more fluent. They could excel where he failed.

So you’re mad because the guy generalized

But go ahead to do the exact same thing you’re mad at him for?
Wewe ni mbwer core core tuuuu.
Save us your fake hasira and get back to work. Mattercore za washosho hazijioshi :D:D:D.

Why did I click now? a vvv disgruntled man that lived in the UK is now a problem? mshamba kweli kweli huyu. If they want to dwell on us who are not cleaners…now come with your A game on.

@KaBuda stua Chamwada hua hizo mtaa sana umwangushie hekaya

I watched that video and I was like, the guy speaks with so much conviction, its like there is nothing much to expect from moving abroad, he makes it sound so bleak…yet I know enough Kenyans with qualifications lower than his, who are abroad but are not janitoring. Maybe his accent made things difficult for him out there. Am not encouraging anyone making unplanned trips, but this ninja here is a prophet of doom.

I was referring to KTN and this College Principal.
The only matako I’ve cleaned abroad were my kids.
And there is nothing wrong with being a cleaner.
Kwanza being employed by any Council to be a cleaner of any description on a full time basis is one of the most secure career an unskilled worker dreams of.
The perks and pension schemes are to kill for.
Ata wazungu wenyewe wanapeana na kimenyano!.. kikikikkkk…

Watu wakae kwao waache kuosha matako mayuuu. Ukweli umesemwa na hamkubali.

Watch carefully who owns some handles.

Eazy eazy eaza…
Sioni shida hapa mimi. Jamaa alirudi Kenya kujenga nchi vile tu ilivyomfaa. Wale wachache wanajiita “nurses” sio nursing wanafanya abroad tulizeni sembe jo. Hakuna mtu anawalaumu. Wale mko tu fiti pia endeleeni.

The title says my experience in the uk … i dont understand why your are getting worked up.

I don’t think I would take my kid to a school where the Principal talks like that. You even start questioning whether he ever lived abroad.

You referring to the general content or his accent? Characters with such heavy tribal accents bother me too. If I say hi to a chick and she ara-eros back I just kind of just switch off. But; Italian accent, indian, spanish , russian, japanese, french, the posh southern england accent, these dont seem to bother me. Chinese, deep southern American, and german accents bother me though. I dont know why.

Both. A whole principal struggling to communicate in sheng and broken Kikunglish? It was a cringeworthy interview o_O.

I feel you on the accents.:smiley: I find the Irish accent particularly annoying. The most beautiful English accent I think, is when spoken by an educated Zimbabwean or South African. It’s like music to the ears!

You clearly haven’t listened/watched any of Conor McGregor’s trash talk. Use YouTube wisely. The Irish rock.

We need to hear from all,those with good and bad experience…

I do not see nothing wrong with the rant…atleast am prepared for any outcome if I land there,incase things go South narudi home…that is all he seem to be saying

Kabuda wacha umeffi…huko UK mimi mwenyewe niliona nyeuthi mnafanya kazi za umeffi tu.

Kila mtu apambane na hali yake, Mwosha haga, bora hajaiba apate riziki, Lecturer naye pia atie bidii kazini na apate riziki, bora siyo uwizi, just have passion or perservere to put bread n batter on the table of ur fam, Being negative because you lost something or got rejected or never saw success does not warrant bitterness, hope n encouragement in a +ve way does more good than harm

The Irish rock as a people but their accent sucks. They are looked down upon here. The best English accent is spoken by the elite kids. Those that are privately educated. Listen to Prince William, his brother Hazza or their Dad Charles. Now that I like! They are also fun to work with. They have travelled the world and are not dim. Most know Kenya in and out from Lewa Downs to Nanok’s County.

I also love our South London accent…black Brits have taken it to another level…listen to Ian Wright.