Anerlise says Tecra wasn't drunk at the time of her death

Anerlisa should focus on getting herself another man to love her.

The whole family is a mess. Muigai their father ni kama alichoka na wao. He has resigned himself to the quiet life of being thoroughly henpecked.

Men are the source of all the problems in this family.

They should learn to keep their legs closed.

Do you know what a messed up family is? These are good children they just need guidance on avoiding dating gold digging men. Wangezalia wazungu wafunge chapters ya baboons and they focus on their kids instead of hizi maubwa Lali Beach ancestor and Ben Pol wanna be no talent one song wonder. Wangekuwa washa zalia wazungu wasahau mambo ya wanaume.

Makena I didn’t know you are a typical hen that thinks a mzungu is the answer. Those two girls wangepata decent local men wangeishi poa.

Shida ya huyu anerlisa ni low self esteem na kuwachwa na clit.

Don’t advice someone on what to do with their vagina. Kuma ni Yao sio ya yako, advice your penis first. Wale tumefunga Miguu munashinda mukitutusi, you can’t win with men, ufungue they kill you, ufunge wakutusi. Unaongezea nini bidii na wanaume hawatosheki? Just do what pleases you. Men ain’t watu wa kuskia.

Typical hen? So many Kenyan women are going to sperm banks majuu wazae na wazungu coz hawataki stress from baboons. Hata mimi ninge kuwa nilienda kitambo ni vile Mungu haja niruhusu. Unapata watoto na wazungu you forget all this stupid nonsense of gold digging men. Mapenzi pea watoto wako ufunge chapter ya wanaume.

So to you the female baboons are spotless clean?? Yaani you black women mko so perfect na wanaume ndio shida?

Makena inakaa umekaa online sana you’ve lost touch with reality.

summary in one sentence with at most 40 words

At least I’ve not lost my life to a monkey like the women I see on the news.

Kenyan men have a violence problem. You can not even leave them in peace kama wamekuchosha. I am not ready to risk my life with a monkey. Covid is enough stress I’m not ready for more.

If they are monkeys, what does that make you? Ama umekuwa mzungu siku hizi?

No matter how you hate it, you are still black like the rest of us.

Annerlys is now a forensic pathologist.

Annalisa needs to move on… Best way to heal… Otherwise this back and forth won’t help anything.

:D:D:D:D:D Niokotwee pls. Wewe Jojina pls…KTalk men do not take any responsibility for anything. Ukiwasikiliza unaweza chukia men for the rest of your life. Most believe that a woman should protect herself from unwanted pregnancies and they should do nada about their precious loaded moneyed joysticks.

Huyo mama alituuzia pombe mbaya in our campus days. So many comrades got addicted and were unemployable or unreproductive… some died.

My friend nobody put a gun to your head to buy her alcohol. Avoid talking about the MURDER of someone’s child if you have children. Nobody has immunity from tragedy in this world. Watch your words very carefully when it comes to such things. Ati karma, you are rejoicing over the death of somebody’s child? Uko na watoto? Please avoid this kind of talk. Uneza chapwa Kofi na Mungu upoteze watoto wako wote. If at your age you do not know kuna vitu mzazi hasemi I pity you. You are not God so avoid labeling people’s tragedy as karma. Why don’t you blame EABL, changaa brewers and drug dealers? Apparently life has taught you nothing but may God forgive that your evil tongue.

Its not the color of your skin, it’s the state of your mind. Bonoboism. And FYI there are monkeys which are white or lack pigmentation.

unproductive ama unreproductive