Andy Ruiz ni mnyama ( kesi baadaye)

You don’t have to have six packs or be 7ft tall. This guy amechapa mtu vibaaaya sana!

Before the fight he was eating burgers and machipos [ATTACH=full]240935[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]240936[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]240937[/ATTACH]

On a sunday morning ! You wake up to fighting ? Enda church !



Fighting is a talent slightly perfeced by training. Doesn’t depend on body size or fitness. You could be as skinny as Bruce Lee or be as huge as Big Show but if you are born to be a fighter, you will always be one. Wachana na 130kg of meffi!

Poleni sana Anthony Joshua fans.
The noise you were starting to make about his invincible (in your minds) status was getting a bit annoying.
He’s no Mayweather.

Ata McGregor alipewa kichapo cha punda:D:D

Cc @Anthony Joshua fan


If you look at the world strongest men competitors they’re all fat dudes. That should tell you something.

Cushioned by the fat is serious muscle and bone strength.

This shit stinks to high heavens it was fixed… apparently joshua has a clause in his contract that allows him to trigger an immediate rematch. He is going to annihilate ruiz at Wembley.

Clause for rematch is nothing unusual. Tyson Fury and Wilder had rematch clauses. It’s good an underdog won the match

Emphasis on immediate… apa tulichezwa all parties involved knew a rematch after the fixed upset will bring big money. Bookmark this post and wait for the rematch.

From the beginning of that match I was very skeptical. AJ was not the real him. He lacked the motivation and was so reserved.

Imfikie @Motokubwa asijaribu ku joke na mimi

Kuna ukweli apo… check out the fat guy he annihilated his competitors.

Which fight would bring big money?

  1. Rematch between AJ and Ruiz or
  2. AJ as champion and Wilder?

My opinion is the fight between AJ as champion vs Wilder would bring more money and so there’s no way AJ would lose intentionally to Ruiz because of money. Kubali alipigwa.

But Ruiz isn’t keen in it…AJ isn’t a good fighter and it’s not because of this fight. His technique is wanting and he does a lot of power punches which tend to wind him up.

At this point the Aj vs wilder fight is bound attract big money wherever or not joshua is a champion. … This was scripted all through they know people are suckers for a good comebock stroy and its exactly what will happen at at webmly .

Hapana, alinyoroshwa. Upsets ni lazima Kwa any sport, unakumbuka Buster Douglas